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Hot Tub Transport

Moving a portable spa from one yard to another isn’t easy, but we make it simple. We have been moving hot tubs for over 10 years now, so we have seen our share of tricky moves that required a little finesse.

Hot Tub Delivery

From Temecula to Mira Loma, and beyond, we can help move a hot tub, transport a spa, deliver a hot tub, and we are the best spa moving company in Riverside County.

Hot Tub Removal

We come across a lot of unwanted spas that have been neglected, or are just old and need to be replaced.

Hot Tub Moving Services in Riverside and Moreno Valley

We offer a full range of spa moving services from curbside to backyard delivery, long range delivery, spa removal and spa disposal, we lift hot tubs over fences and walls and more.

We have years of experience moving hot tubs, but no two moves are ever the same. This is why we want you to call us and tell us all about how we can help move your spa.

If you don’t feel like talking right now, we understand. Take a few moments to fill out the form below and we will reply back with an estimate based on the information you share with us. It always helps if our customers have pictures or even video of the path we need to take when we move your hot tub

Riverside Spa Mover - Best Inland Empire Hot Tub Movers

There are plenty of hot tub moving companies in the area, but we can give you a few reasons why you should only choose us when it comes to moving a spa in Riverside.

We can pick up your spa from any retailer in Southern California and ship it straight to your backyard.

Save money at the hot tub store and opt out of their delivery fee. We will save you a few hundred bucks at the very least, and you won’t have to worry about sitting around for half of the day for spa delivery.

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Why Hire Riverside Spa Movers?

The Best Spa Movers In the Inland Empire

  • Local – We offer spa moving services in more areas than other hot tub movers in Riverside. We cover all cities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
  • Honest – call us and speak with one of our friendly spa moving experts. We will walk you through what to expect, and offer a fair an honest estimate.
  • Eco-Friendly – we properly dispose of any and all unwanted hot tubs by taking them to the appropriate dump yards.
  • Experienced – we have been moving hot tubs for years, and there aren’t too many spas that we can’t move. Let us know how we can help you by filling out the form.
riverside spa movers - local hot tub moving company

Best Spa Moving Company in the Inland Empire

When it comes to spa removal in the Inland Empire, there aren’t too many spa movers that can do what we do in as many places. Count on us for spa disposal when it’s time to upgrade to a new hot tub.

hot tub movers in Riverside

We Move Hot Tubs in Southern California

We Only Move Hot Tubs
We offer professional hot tub moving services for residential and commercial clients.

Spa Moving Pros
We are experts and have moved hundreds if not thousands of hot tubs across Southern California.

Best Prices
We do our best to offer the most affordable spa moving service in the area. Call us for a free quote.

Secure Payments
We accept cash, check and also accept Zelle or Venmo. We are no longer accepting card payments.

Local Hot Tub Moving Company

We cover spa delivery in Riverside and other cities throughout Riverside County. There are some hot tub stores that will drop off your hot tub on your curb, and that’s it. We can help with curb to yard hot tub moving.

Our team is equipped to assist with spa transport, local hot tub moving, and even long distance hot tub moving in the Inland Empire. We can move hot tubs anywhere in Southern California

Whether you purchased a brand new spa or purchased a used one from someone you met online, you are going to spend a decent amount of money on a nice hot tub.

Most homeowners have enough on their plate to worry about when it comes to picking the right hot tub, selecting a location, preparing the site, installing a compatible electric panel, and then hiring a professional hot tub moving company.

We don’t want our customers to worry about anything else. Rest assured that your hot tub is in good hands, and our years of experience gives us what it takes to get this handled for you.

Don’t try to move a hot tub yourself and end up throwing away thousands of dollars, let alone the potential for injury that can happen when people try to save a few bucks and forgo the need to hire a professional spa mover near you.

Spa Moving Is Our Specialty

Just like most hot tub delivery companies you can find online we offer additional services such as gazebo disassembly, and crane moving services, and fountain removal.

When it comes to moving spas, that is where we shine. Our team has been transporting hot tubs for over a decade and we plan on being the best when it comes to helping move spas in Riverside.

Affordable Spa Movers

We aren’t the cheapest hot tub movers in Riverside County, but we are affordable. Always remember, cheapest is not best, and in some cases going the cheap route can cost more in the long run.

Make sure no matter which spa moving company you hire, make sure they are licensed, experienced, and up to date with spa moving equipment and procedures.

Looking for day laborers to help move a spa may sound like a good idea on paper, but when we get calls from people who tried to cut corners, it usually ends up that they need rescuing to save their hot tub from being damaged.

Inland Empire Hot Tub Moving Services

From Temecula to Mira Loma, we can help move a hot tub, transport a spa, deliver a hot tub, get rid of a hot tub, dump a hot tub, remove a spa or offer spa removal, and spa delivery. Our rates are competitive and affordable, and we are the best spa moving company in Riverside County.

Make no mistake, we know how important your hot tub is to you. Even if you are an authorized retailer who wants to add an extra value to their customers, or a customer who is trying to save money on the purchase of their new hot tub, you owe it yourself to deal with the best hot tub movers in the Inland Empire.

We haven’t listed all of the services we offer on this page, because it would overwhelm you with the amount of information we provide. Please continue reading to learn more about moving a hot tub safely and what makes us better than other spa moving companies.

You can click here if you a ready to call us now.

Asked Questions

The most popular question that we get from our callers who need to hire a hot tub moving company is very reasonable; how much will it cost to move a hot tub? There are several factors for us to consider and that is why we don’t offer pricing without getting the answer to a few questions first.

What are the dimensions of the hot tub that we need to move?
What is the access to get to the hot tub?
Are there any stairs, steep slopes, unpaved walkways, or obstructions in the path to remove your hot tub?
Do we need to look out for low hanging eaves, or trees that may block us from moving the spa?
Do you think that we will need to use a crane to move your hot tub from one place to another?
How far do you need us to drive in order to deliver your hot tub?
Has the hot tub been drained and disconnected from the power source?
Do you require curbside delivery, or do you need the hot tub taken to the backyard and installed in place?


The first step is to give us a call. Tell us what is the condition of the hot tub, where do you want it moved, and send any pictures or videos that can help us to asses the situation and verify the access to the hot tub. Before moeving the hot tub, it's a good idea to prepare the unit for the move. We suggest draining the water, disconnecting the electrical and plumbing connections before we arrive. Once we are there, we will secure the hot tub with protective padding and use a spa dolly and special hot tub moving equipment to make the move easier.  Once the hot tub is ready to go, we load it on to our truck trailer, securely strap the unit to the vehicle to prevent shifting or damage during the move. Upon arrival at the new location, we reverse the process and safely install your hot tub where you need it.

Our insurance coverage provides peace of mind, knowing that your hot tub is fully protected against any unforeseen events that may occur during transportation. Whether it's minor scratches, dents, or more significant damage, you can rest assured that your hot tub is covered. When you choose OC Spa Movers for your hot tub relocation needs, you can have confidence knowing that your hot tub is fully protected from pickup to delivery.

The amount of time that it takes to move a hot tub can vary depending on  the size and weight of the hot tub, the distance of the move, the ease of access at both the pickup and drop off locations, and whether or not we need to drain the hot tub before we start the move. In most cases a regular hot tub move can take anywhere from two to six hours.

Of course we do. We haven’t listed all of the services we offer on this page, because it would overwhelm you with the amount of information we provide. Please continue reading to learn more about moving a hot tub safely and what makes us better than other spa moving companies.

If you have decided that its time to get rid of your hot tub, or if you have sold your used hot tub to someone, we can haul your spa away.