Hot Tub Moving Services

We have been moving hot tubs for over 10 years, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

There aren’t too many jobs that we can’t take on and that is because we can move almost any hot tub from almost anywhere in Southern California.

Local Spa Moving

Whether you need spa moving, spa delivery or spa removal in Riverside County, or San Bernardino County, you can call on us to help.

Long Distance Spa Moving

We also help move hot tubs in other parts of Southern California. We can move hot tubs to Los Angeles, deliver hot tubs in San Diego, and stop off with hot tub disposal in Orange County.

Spa Moving Company in Riverside, CA

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Some of the most commonly asked questions

There are a few things we look at before we can give a price. 

  • what are the dimensions of the hot tub?
  • make and model? 
  • distance from pickup to dropoff?
  • access to the hot tub?
  • stairs, slopes, or any obstacles in the path?

Once we know some of these answers we can give an accurate quote.

We move hot tubs throughout Southern California. So unless you are not within the 5 counties in SoCal, we can help move you anywhere.

Never have and never will. But we do know some reputable companies in the area that you could purchase a hot tub from.

No, only an electrictian should hook up your hot tub the electric panel.